Save a bully dog from babesiosis

Most of us realise how dangerous babesiosis, a disease transmitted by ticks, can be to a dog. Untreated, treated badly or too late may lead to the dog’s death. That it why, it is much better to prevent the disease, than to treat it. Babesiosis prevention means protecting dogs from being bitten by ticks by using different products and medications. Many of them issue toxic chemicals onto hair follicles. Their activity makes the embedded tick die quickly, before it manages to release parasites or protozoa into the dog’s body. The tick will fall off naturally or shrivel, which makes its removal easier.

Preventive products usually work for 20-30 days (with the exception of tick collars which remain active up to 4 months). It means that our Trust needs to buy them every month, both for dogs in pet hotels and for those staying in foster homes. Since we look after a great number of dogs, the cost of these products is quite high. And “the tick season” lasts from March till November. That is why we appeal to you to join the “Save a bully dog from babesiosis” campaign. We will be grateful for money (please write ‘Anti-tick donation’ on the money transfer) and gifts of anti-tick products suitable for our dogs (between 20-35 kilograms). You can also decide to sponsor a chosen dog. We’ll be happy to place the information about it on the dog’s website.

For further reading on babesiosis and tick prevention see

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