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Correct formatting of the bibliography of the report

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Correct formatting of the bibliography of the report

Postprzez karljrockwell » 20 Gru 2022, 13:11

An example of the design of a bibliographic list can be found in methodology. The design of the bibliography for the report is no different from the design of this element in any other type of scientific or educational work. The specific elements of the description of the source depend on its type - a book, an electronic source, an article in a periodical, etc.
The correct bibliographic description of the book can be found on one of its first pages. Difficulties can arise only with old editions that were issued before the appearance of the new methodology. The design of electronic sources, especially sites, causes the most difficulties. The order of sources in the list of references for the report - alphabetically. Since the reports usually do not include footnotes, ordering your work as they are mentioned in the text is impractical. It is possible to separate normative legal acts into a separate block (they precede all other sources).
Design of handouts for the report
You can use visuals to animate your report or illustrate some of its points. For a small audience, it is easiest to prepare a handout. Handouts may contain various information that is perceived worse by ear than visually, or their perception by ear is completely impossible. Examples include graphs, charts, tables with numbers, reproductions of paintings. The specific type of handout and the degree of reliance on it in the text determines the required number of copies.
So, if the report is dedicated to an artist, you can transfer reproductions of his paintings in one or two copies: there will be enough time for the performance for the whole group (or even 2 groups) to see the paintings. If the report is based on the analysis of numerical information, a table with numbers should be before the eyes of each listener throughout the entire period of the report.
There are no clear requirements for the design of handouts. But the main thing is that the material is readable, the images are clearly printed, sufficiently bright and contrasting. The paper should be clean and not wrinkled, and it should be pleasant to hold in your hands.
How to make a presentation for a report
The development of multimedia technologies makes it possible to replace handouts with a presentation. Maybe get in touch with professional mentor on write my essay for me to have more knowledge how to defend your presentation. If the classroom has the necessary equipment (projector, screen), and the teacher allows it to be used, this option is preferable for the speaker:
  • The presentation can be used as a hint to the presenter, if you bring the key points of the report onto the slides.
  • The slides are visible to the entire audience at once, no one has to wait for the material to reach them.
  • The speaker can point to some significant fragments of the picture (drawing, map and other types of images) to emphasize attention.
  • Costs for printing are reduced (color printing of a large number of copies is quite an expensive undertaking, and black and white does not always convey the necessary information).
  • Working with visual images can be supplemented with sound information (for example, music, if this helps to reveal the topic of the report).
The presentation should be well readable (a dark font on a light background is recommended), not overloaded with animations and effects, not containing unnecessary embellishments that distract from the content.
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